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By Clement obere
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Turb it up.
Making a statement fashion wise means also paying attention to simple little details.
The art of standing out, has just one motive. appearing just unique. Turbans are just one of the numerous ways to present yourself distinctively.
The piece—most often worn as customary headwear throughout South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Near East, North Africa, and other parts of the world—has found its way into the fashion realm, and has long been a staple of old Hollywood starlets (most notably on Gloria Swanson as Norma Desmond in 1950’s cult classic “Sunset Boulevard”) and modern-day women looking to add a unique touch to their looks.

How to accessorize the turban to match your daily style needs.
1.  Adding a touch of drama to your jeans and top:  Lets be creative for once, not entirely a bad suggestion assuming you wear a nice fitting jeans with a white top, what will complement it better than a yellow turban. It will be worth giving it a try.

2. A sweeping evening dress: Sure there are instances when a hat will be to serious for an evening dress ,but the job must be done anyway. The turban sure complements in ways you never thought will be possible.

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