Tips on how to wear long dresses

1. Know Your Height:

I know that in order for a dress to reach my knees it needs to be at least 40” or longer. This helps me especially when I am shopping online. Because finding dresses for my tall body is difficult, I have found that it is easier to buy dresses online since I know my height. Just by looking at the description and length of the dress I am able to tell whether it fits or not without even trying it on. I have found that I get less frustrated that I can’t find a dress after trying on dress after dress because I can just move on to the next one.

 2. Too Short:

I know that I am tall but it seems like dresses keep getting shorter and shorter! I found this cute dress at a sample sale and I knew it would be far too short on me to be worn as a dress. So, after a quite a few outfit tries and a little bit of creativity. I was able to add a jean jacket over the dress and wore black jeans underneath. By wearing the jeans underneath, it turned the “dress” into a long shirt! It was easy to do and no one would ever be able to tell that it was originally a dress!

If a dress is too short, then you can add thick leggings, pants, or even tights underneath. By adding something underneath the dress it makes the dress appear not as short and it also lengths the dress as well.

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