Top 5 reasons to go with the color black

1.Uniqueness: Oh , hardly any time goes by when dressed on black that  u will not get the attention of onlookers. its just a color that expresses itself without speaking much.

2. Rainy days: Oh we really know the  best advantage of a dark dress on a rainy day, sure besides it keeping you warm,  sure it is a sure bet to wad off stains.

3.  Laundry: Due to its nature except when attacked by mild dew, sure it is a friend that will need  less  visits to the washing machine.

4.  Versatility:  Its multifunctional use, be it to religious  gatherings or social, its a sure way to make a bold statement

5.  Simplicity: Sure its a color that does not demand so much to stand out when  matching it with accessories

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