braid hairstyle fashion inspiration

Braid hairstyle fashion inspiration
Braids have come a long way  owing its origin as far back ancient Egypt.  It is a hair trend that most women have stuck over a lifetime but it too like every trend has not come too with its  own fair share of challenges. Below are  some tips to go by when putting on a  braid

1. Tight braids that put pressure on the front hairline: Most hair stylist will say tightening the braid at the front hair line will enhance beauty, but at what cost, consistent headaches and receding hair line are what you will deal with on the long run. so keep things  moderate.  

2. Reasons: Braids come with quantity so , depending on your profession , you definitely will not want a hairstyle that  will stand in the smooth execution of  your job by constant adjustment. 

Replace often: No matter how you like a particular braid, replace at most within two weeks and undergo routine hair maintenance.
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