What is fashion to you. 
Really theses days it gets confusing on which aspect of fashion trend to adopt. The question just pops,  should I go with the latest trend or stick to what has been working for me, say the past 10yrs ago.  Here are some following tips to guide yr decisions. 

1. Create a seasonal  approach  to your wardrobe.  It is quite weird really wearing  a sweater  at the peak of summer. 

2. Really  pay attention to  your body shape. 

3. Not every  trend is for you.  Make research,  do some mock  runway  and really  check out your look.  Be your own  critic. 

4.Dress for the occasion. 

5. Finally expensive is not classy.  Before shelving  a couple of  dollars on  a fashionable item.  Research  properly. 
Thanks for reading.  Reading ,remain  creative. 

Fashion lovers

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