Blush Cosmetics

Blush Cosmetics


By Clement Nyam Obere For  make-ups  and cosmetics (Fashion Lovers).

When it comes to Blush it is a acosmetic trnd that has been around for a long time . The ancient Egyptians were the first to incoporate  bblush into their beauty rituals.There are four major types of blush  mainlyRelated  link1. Cream blush2. Powder blush.3. Cream to powder blush4.Serum Blushes.      People fall into one of the main undertones( Pink, Blue, red shades and neutral.Warm under(Shades like gold peach, and yellow)Cool Undertones( Pink, blue and red shades)Neutral undertones( Shades, that aren't quite warm and cool)

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The best Blush for warm undertones
For  people with light  skin, it is advisable to find real warm colors  like pink and peach

The Best Blush for Neutal Undertones.

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