Bra Size Hacks

  How to get the right bra size
By Perpetua Nja(Fashion lovers)

 Those moments when you are always the person of interest for the  wrong reasons  mostly due to an ill fitting bra  that digs into your skin, slips of unannounced off your shoulders. At fashion lovers we have compiled some tips to help you step up your games.

1. Know your brand.
 Straps exist for a  a reason, if your hand and cup fitswell, you should be able to slip off your straps and take  a few  steps while your  bra stays in place.

2. Know your size. 
Sister size and bra size are two concepts every woman must know.  This enables you to have alternatives . As a rule of thumb , if you go up in the band,go down in the cup  and vice versa. For example,  a 32c could fit into a  30d or  34b, If you are a 34c, you might find bras  that fit better in a 36b or 32d

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