Classic Airport looks for her

Classic Airport looks for her.

By Clement obere( Fashion Lovers).

Preparing for the Airport can sometimes be a daunting task. First of all, you are trying to adjust your schedule to meet your limited time resources for the day, or perhaps your meeting will commence as soon as the plane lands. So, the kind of outfit you will be wearing should be linked directly with the activities that  will match your purpose soon after the plane lands.

Major considerations to determine your outlooks.
    • My schedule: Will  there be time for me to change up right after arrival? or is there any possibility of my time of arrival clashing with my already designed agenda for the day?
    • Will it be advisable i dress up from home , so as it will cut the time i need to undress and head to my schedule function?
    • How urgernt is my function when i arrive?  should i  appear on something casual?
    • How long is the flight?
    • How predictable is the weather for my destination?
    • Should i pack heavily or lightly?
The list goes on ond on.
Below are some well crafted looks to fit all conditions.

Fashion lovers

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