How to prepare for the Holiday season.

How to prepare for long  vacations
By Clement Obere (Fashion lovers).

 The holiday season is fast approaching, and to some people it comes with a lot of anxieties and mood changes. 
Here at Fashion lovers  we are not just concerned about your outward looks, but also about a healthy mind . You can ardon yourself with the best of  clothing but  a sad looks will do more damages than anticipated.

1. Get out often
Take advantage of every opportunity to get out of bed. it helps in  a number of ways as it broadens your mind horizons as it gives you an  opportunity to see life with a new perspective

2. Give more

 A man can never give what  he does not have, whether it  is been there for a friend who is struggling or making yourself available for others.  if you want to receive happiness , give happiness.

3. Declutter: 
 Make an inventory of clothes and shoes that have not been used in the bast 3 months , that is enough indication to show that you don't need them anymore. Donate some to charities or have an indoor sales if you are capable to selloff  high end goods for cheaper prices. Less  is more!

Be Thankful:
 There is no need to  wear a gloomy face during the holiday as it will lead to a lot of people avoiding you. The year mighty not have gone as planed but look within there are a lot of things to be thankful for. Make a  list of those little breakthrough and wear your badge with honor.


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