Eyeliner tips

Eye liner tips

Quick Eyeliner  techniques

By Clement Nyam Obere (Fashion Lovers)
Eyeliners have been around for a long time, It is  cosmetic simply used  to define the eyes. It is mostly used to create the look of a  wider or smaller eyes. Its major aim is to draw attentention to the eyes so a lot of attention has to be given in the choice of liner to be applied. Depending on the desired outcome,We have collected few techniques that will help you achieve the desired outcome. It  Never goes out of trend, its just the way you do it.

Turquoise  Eye lining

How to achieve this look
First of all, let us spell out our tool of trades

1. Water Proof Gel Pencil Eyeliner.
2.Blue Colour Eyeliner
3. Dark Mascara
Translucent Powder.       
Watch The video as a quick guide.

Fashion lovers

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