Accessories guide

Acessories guide
Accessories guide
By Clement Obere(Fashion lovers).

When it comes to standing out, the rules of fashion are broken in most instances. The goal of every fashion conscious person is to stand out of the crowd in a very unique way, to look more versatile, attractive and at  the same time achieving elegance. Here at fashion lovers, our team  has selected the  essential accessories that will aid you achieve this basic goal. here are our top  collections.

1.Purses and handbags:   Apart from being the closest thing to a woman, it  completes your outfit. . It varies from shoulder bag, satchel, sling bag, clutch, Hobo bag, wristlet and a whole lots of  more. 

So the question here is, Does the price tag on a bag  determines how well it complements you and our answer here is No! .Yes you heard us right. As earlier said  the goal is to enhance your look so so much emphasis on a price tag without first putting into consideration if it  fulfills the goal of completing  you is worthless.  Go for durable ones , but don't just close bank accounts.

2. Fashion glasses:  Yes! Apart from its primary goal of shielding us from the sun, it enhances our confidence , from the dark ones to the colorful ones. 
The kind of glasses, one chooses is directly linked to the face type of a person. Glasses come in various shapes, Rectangular, oval , star like. so as a rule of thumb, don't just rock  fashion glasses because of the price tag, but here at fashion lovers , we also insist on quality, as a guide we ask you to choose glasses that corresponds your face shape.

3. Shawls:  Owing its root to the Persian world, shawls perhaps has proved that fashion has no bounds. 

It adds a layer of uniqueness that  makes you stand out for less. For the extra religious, it is perhaps a must have on you.

4. Hats :  This sounds like royalty.  What makes a woman more classy than this .

Hats are  a best bet for elegance, and here at Fashion lovers. we recommend having a lot of them. Thank us later.,

5. Necklaces :  For a start a couple of these are okay, but as you climb up the fashion chain , it is advisable to invest in one , for a start , we advice a simple gold neck lace. 

it just enhances your overall outlook.

6.Wrist- watches:  The smartest thing to have on you. 
 it goes past the  role of just telling the time, it ads a blend of  radiance to your overall look,so  a nice watch ,with a box of changeable straps will not still be  a bad idea.

We can go on and on, but i can assure you, the list is endless. AND HERE AT FASHION LOVERS , we say,keep trying, keep exploring. 
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