Blend multiple eye shadows with these easy steps

By Clement Nyam Obere( Fashion Lovers).
 The eyes are perhaps the most important assets to every fashion conscious individual hence in terms of priority to make up, make up must first be applied to the eyes before any part of the face.
Today  we will be writing on a concept called  Blending multiple eye shadows.

So now, what is multiple eye shadow? It is simply the skill of blending more than one color of eye s shadow on the eye lids . This is usually done to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of the eye lids.

Tools you will need.
1 . Blending brushes: 
It does not really matter what  quality of brush you will be using but the trick here is not to deep the brush directly into  the shadow pans but use a denser brush to lay down the  pigments before blending it.

2.  Handel  the brush like a pen.
3. Start  with the lightest colors first.
4. Follow a sweeping motion pattern  especially when starting with darker colors.
5. Clean up mistakes: If at any point you realize that you have over drawn, just use a translucent powder  to take down that top edge of shadows.

 Keep trying new things like we  always keep saying here at fashion lovers . Thank you for reading.
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