By Clement Nyam obere (Fashion lovers)

 There are certain beauty routines that are  essential to the day to day life of every woman. 
 Aging is something every woman will have to deal with , with the help of moisturizers it helps to hide or better still reduce the wrinkles and lines that comes with aging.
Skin types are a major consideration to keep in mind while selecting the kind of moisturizers to use. Here at fashion lovers , we have collected not only the most suitable moisturizers, but curated a perfect guide that will enhance your choice

1. Moisturizers for dry skin: Our top pick for this kind of skin type is  OLAY REGENERIST.
With proven elements like retinol and niacinamide( Vitamin B3)  is sure  to leave your skin looking radiant.

2. Moisturizers for oily skin: Our top pick for this skin type is Origins Zero oil.
Our top pick for this skin type is because  it reduces excess oil and shine. It has gentle foam cleansing formula with ingredients  like skin clearing saw palmetto ,cooling mint and pore  minimizing Salycyclic  acid helps clear the pores.

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