Cargo Pants for women

Cargo pants for women
     Cargo Pants
By Clement Obere ( Fashion lovers)

 Alas ! The cargo pants is back and  and better. You see , one thing about fashion is how easy it is to crucify one fashion pattern and raise it some other time. 
Fashion never stops to amaze even the curious of minds that a fashion trend that was  trashed out over a decade ago can now be exonerated 10 years later.
 Ladies and gentlemen, let me reintroduce the  cargo pants for women,  it is back better and classy.
As usual here at fashion lovers, one of our ethos is " Fashion is what you buy with your money, style is what you do with it".
The following are some unscripted rules to  enhance your outlooks so that you don't get caught by the invincible fashion police. Sit tight and know we have you covered.

1. The curves at the ankle:  Don't make this billion dollar  style look like  trash. A rule for thumb here is simple ,irrespective of how you got the pants, have a seamstress who will adjust the fittings from the  knee, down to the ankle length, living it not too tight or too loose. Thumbs up, your induction to the cargo pants hall of fame just began.

2.  Choice of top. This is where the technicality comes into play. The original intent of cargo makers was to create a custom pant that gives you a sort of freedom away from the normal skin tight jeans. That aim so far has never been defeated over the years. So our suggestion here is that a sweat fitted shirt, preferably tucked in will enhance your looks in ways you have never imagined.

3. Bags to match: No body dares with a girl on cargo pants , so what is our suggestion , a cross fitting small leather back will just  do the magic.

4. Choice of shoes: What's your wildest guess ? A nice sneakers. Well definitely, you might not be wrong here, but rules are meant to be broken. A nice flip flops or In most cases a good pair of heels will just add shine to your overall out look.

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5. Accessories : Our suggestion will be a sport watch , good sunshades. The lady is definitely good to go .
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Fashion lovers


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    1. Thanks a Million. More post coming your way. Also the Fashion look book will be launched soon.

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    1. Thank you for your encouragement. More researchced fashion topics coming your way soon. Stay safe.



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