How to get your hair to lock with ease.
By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)

Making the Loctician job easier and saving time  with  desired results should be the goal of every one on dreads. Today we have come up with major tips to  expand your knowledge on easy and simplified ways to make your hair lock better.

Type of hair: There  are  major hair types that will be considered today. 

1. Oily hair types. This type of hair is a blessing, and who does not  want a natural shine, but when it comes to locking. As a general rule wash your hair 4 days before your appointment  with the loctician. Avoid washing the hair a day before your appointment as this will make the hair so clean and eventually make the locking process difficult.

2. Dry oil hair types:  A dry skin will also  increase the likelihood of dry hairs. Everything in excess will definitely have its set back. You are not entirely damned for having this hair type, but some tips should be followed to enhance your locking result.
  • Avoid over washing with shampoo.
  • Opt in for other natural remedies like mashed Avocados hair mask.  Leave in , and rinse off after 30 mins .
  • Same as the advice for oily hair  , Wash four days before your appointment. 

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Congratulations ! Your journey to the perfect locks just began.
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