By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)

 The human ears as beautifully crafted is one of the organs that is directly linked to how one is viewed.
Ear rings have been around   right from the ancient Egyptians, mostly worn fore its beauty significance.
 Except for religious purposes or other exceptions, ear rings is a must have for every woman. 
It comes in different shades ,length and designs.
Today, we have compiled an up to date and trendy ear rings which will make you to stand out without breaking the bank.

1. The stud: It is favored and came first on our list due to its simplicity and modesty.  Though simple, it gets the attraction of everyone , with more intensity if made with precious metals like golds. It cam be worn everywhere and its versatility makes it a must have for every woman

2. The dangle : Woops, Taking it to the next level will make the dangles our next pick.  Its flamboyance  , the quantity of attraction and its general   elegance , are always unmatched. so peek in to this ear rings and give that your look a touch of class.

3. The big rings : From the peak days of Beyonce, The big ear rings just brings another levels to the game. It stands out more for ladies on low cuts, as it gives a touch  and balance to the head. So next time, know that , the skin cut and the big ear rings are composite to one another.

4. The cotton cotted:  Mostly from the Ankara fabrique  of Africa. it gives a touch of culture and sense when worn. It is suitable for almost every outfit and it makes you stand out even better.

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