Exercises for her

Excersises for her
 Exercises for her.
 By Clement Obere ( Fashion lovers).
    The best form of exercise your body will require will have a lot of impact on your general well being and will have a boost on how well  clothes fit into your body. Here at fashion lovers, health is wealth and our hope is the  money you spend on your clothes should not loose its value because you failed to check one details of your personal health. 
Take a peep into our top  exercise recommendations for you.

  •  For the  abs:  Slide plank  
One of the most accessible methods  of  exercises out there is the side plank, Its ability to target the abs, is what makes it to stand out.
How it is done.
1. Lie on your side.
2. Place your feet together.
3. Contract your abs.
4. Lift with your elbows until you are at a diagonal from the floor.
5. Hold at least for 45 seconds .
6. Change sides.

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