Floral dress

Floral dress
 Floral Dress
By Clement Obere( Fashion Lovers)

 The beauty of fashion is the ability for one to break contemporary established standards and create a certain identity with your style.

Today , our aim here at fashion lover is to  induct you into the floral dress culture .
The floral dress has been around for a while , till creative designers looked for better ways to modify  this style with little modifications hence giving it a top notch yo the modern woman
The new floral
1. Accessories: On like the good old days when the floral dress could be just worn alone as a stand alone dress, adding a simple jacket will give an edge to the overall outfit.

2. Shoes: Yea, you can say that again, What more completes the floral dress like a beautifully designed suede shoes to complement such a classic outfit. Other variations like a pair of sneakers, mice pair of heels is also an added advantage.

3. Cut: Show some skin just above the knee is not entirely a bad idea.

4. Sleeves : A spaghetti styled floral dress is a top notch.

5. Length: What makes a lady more appealing than a mini styled floral dress  but still , the longer the better.

6. The turtle neck: Stand out more with the turtle neck themed  floral dress

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