How to tackle dull and unmanageable hair

How to tackle dull and unmanageable hair
 How to tackle dull and unmanageable hair
By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers).

 The human hair  consist of proteins like keratin which  helps tremendously with hair growth.
One of the basic assumption someone makes about you and the state of your general health, is the state of your hair.
At  FASHION LOVERS, it is a confirmed notion that  your general well being is as important as the clothes you wear.

So, what is a dull hair?
 Looking at the mirror, what are the first impression of your hair, is it, heavy? is it textured, is it unmanageable, Then your assumptions might just be right as ours. You have a dull hair.

 The beauty is there are various ways such conditions could be managed , or completely solved, so this is our first hand take.

Top   recommendation.
 Having confirmed your dull hair scourge , what is  the way forward?

 Deep conditioning:  Since the hair consist of proteins , mostly keratin, these proteins need to be properly nurtured to give the hair the desired shine and result.
Deep conditioning is the art of applying  hair conditioner in bulk quantity on the hair over a period of time so that the hair can recover what has been lost . This is mostly done with heat so as to ensure the penetration is done evenly.

 Some confirmed benefits of deep conditioning.
1. The major need for deep conditioning is generally to repair broken hair.

2. It nourishes the hair, gives it shine and revives it.

Available deep conditioning in the market.
Basically there are two major  conditioning in the market and they are as follows.

  • Protein 
  • Moisture 
For best and efficient result, your type of moisturizer must have a stipulated amount of both to have desired result.

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