The high boots Fashion
By Clement Obere( Fashion Lovers)

Fashion never ceases to evolve , it has been expressive and a way of expressing ones uniqueness .
  Boots have been around for a long time , from the cowboy days and it is so amazing to see how this trend has suited into the modern needs of the classic lady.
There are so many styles and manner in which the high boots has evolved to meet the new demand, some boots come in the normal, leather, rubber and some times Denim.

Some Rules in wearing the high boots
Unscripted rules in nailing the perfect boot outfit  to get that long lasting impression are as follows.

1.Keep the focus:
 The whole idea of rocking the high boots is to keep the focus on the boots. So wearing an overall looking kind of oufit will not only defeat the main reason behind the boots , but will just make it look like every other boot so do your best to keep the focus on the boots.

2. The perfect shorts:  For the best desired outcome it is advisable to have a fitting bum short or  skirt to really nail the looks .

3. Type of  top: Wow, the moment we have all been waiting for. 
Every thing has already be designed to fit, so now, what can we now implement to give us a more balanced outlook. our suggestion here is a neatly  over flowing cropped top to give the desired impression.
Have a peak into our slides and keep exploring.

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