The ideal cosmetic bag

The ideal cosmetic bag
 The Ideal cosmetic bag
By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)
 Cosmetic bag or commonly called toilet bag has been around for a while , it is no news that it is a companion for every woman. 
Wether on the go, or just your casual cosmetic bag, there are some essentials every woman must always have on her at every time.
Never be caught off guard , be it after a tears of joy,  a quick nap, a sleep over or a quick dash into a religious gathering this list has you covered.
Below are the top 5 compilations ,happy reading.

1. Face wipes : This is the mother of all emergency items, it is essential in removing excessive oils, excess make up without water. 
As earlier emphasized, it is an emergency item and should not replace the  daily cleansing routine. 
2. Rool on: Whats more embarrassing is to have those sudden burst of sweat and never have a back up plan . No matter how  religiously de-odorant are applied, it must sometimes be  reapplied, sometimes due to high metabolic rates of the body, to help with this , having a good body deodorant close is worth more than diamonds and pearls.
3. Mouth mint or wash:  The modern day working woman sits most days for long hours silently running the world,  but  that silence comes with a cost. The mouth is a gateway to the world  and hence must be kept fresh always, A good mouth wash or an  emergency mint will help you be fresh at all times.
4. Selected make up kits : Remember, this is not your regular make up kit, but a must have bag at all times. So after the normal make up routine in the morning , what is left during the day, are just little top ups enhancement to keep you looking sharp at all times . So ideally, your face powder, eye liners and lipsticks are quickies
 to make you look sharp  always.

5. Scarf: Last on the list is our scarf. Yes uyou heard me right scarf.
There are so many instances in which, the scarf is needed. A quick stop off at a religious  gathering, a moderated area. You should never be caught unprepared.

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