Womens Overcoat

Women's overcoat
  Womens overcoat.
By Clement Obere ( Fashion Lovers).

 When it comes to elegance, few dress trends have conveyed this message completely.
The overcoat has evolved over a period of time,  some have been made of materials like wool, cotton, silk and a host lot of different shades tailored at meeting the needs of every prospective individual.

2020 updated overcoat tips.
The overcoat as a stand alone item will do little or no good, but has to be complemented with the following to make it stand out even better.
1. Turtle neck: What gives an overcoat more fitting and balance than a well fitted turtle neck, sure you will have all eyes  on you.

2.  A fitted jeans: This sure will come as a surprise, display those lovely hips , sure you will have the look of Hollywood next big thing.
3. An ankle boot: Oh this is one of our big take,  whats more chick than a lady with boots to match and complement those looks. We highly recommend  boots by Timberland.
4.  Accessories: Whats more complementing than a nice leather hand bag to boost that look of yours.
5. Head gear:  A beret, or a well designed headgear wont be a bad idea either.

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