Cropped Tops

Cropped tops
 Cropped Tops

By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)
 Fashion never ever ceases to entangle our imaginations from its diversity to its creative way in which one can appear uniquely for almost different occasions.
  So what makes cropped tops so unique that we all  have our eyes on it these days , Well a lot. so  lets get straight about it right away.
 How to rock the cropped top .
This Fashion piece comes with its beauty as well as its set backs. They are some off the book rules that must be adhered strictly to optimize your outcomes, so lets go through them briefly.

1.  The tummy: This should be in fact be the point of our attention. A bonus for the flat tummy apostles and a no no for excess fat. Rock it with excess fat at your own peril.

2. The shoulder: Our whole understanding is that most cropped tops hit above the novel, so utmost care has to be given on the kind of cut at the shoulder. 

3. Choice of PANTS: Well it is our conclusion that you'll be wearing it to less formal gatherings, a well fitted jean, good bum shots  or a modest skirt will not in fact entirely be a bad idea.
4. Choice of shoes: Well depending on the intentions, sporty, moderate, chic, everything just goes well.

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