The leggings Fashion. Tips

Legging fashion
Leggings, What you must know.

By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)

 What is a better alternative to our normal routines of the skirt, gowns, a well fitted jeans, well, nothing so new. It is the leggings. So what makes the leggings so special? Well a lot of things.
  • Versatality: it can be worn for different reasons and to a whole lot of occasions. Be it visiting the gymn, the early morning runs a stroll down the street, it covers it all.
  • Comfort-ability: This is another pass mark for the leggings, since most are made of elastics, it gives a lot of comfort when worn.
  • Sexiness: What brings out those features better than a well shaped leggings
  • Flexibility: Leggings offer a wide range of   flexibility as to what goes with it, be it a long gown, a sweat shirt, a cropped top. it  got you covered.
 So what should i look for in a leggings?
 That's where the million dollar question comes
  •  Colours: The type of leggings you want should be based on a couple of factors, apart from the normal colours,  other trendy ones like the floral, camo, and other patterns really makes you stand out even better.
  • Length: Some come in different lengths, some hitting the ankle, some, give distance to the ankle, well the leggings stands out in a whole lot of ways.
  • Accessories: Well ,the length gives it a whole lot of ways for major accessories like the ankle chain , beads.  it just gives a  blend to the overall looks

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