The Perfect dinner gown.

The perfect dinner gown
The Perfect dinner gown.
By Clement obere ( Fashion lovers).

 They come in different styles and shades from simply styled to complex structured like the Athenian gowns. 
Choosing the right dinner gown has been a source of headache to some ladies since. The concept of dinner is not like  clipped to our daily routine, so there are tendencies we are sill hooked up to our dinner gowns we had 13yrs ago.
Here are some tips on how to have the perfect dinner gown.

  • Height: Yes a factor that tops our points of consideration . Nobody wants to end up looking like a glorified clown on a dinner gown, so  your choice of dinner gown should be in line with your height. Visit your stylist and find out the latest collections and what really fits your body type.

  • Exposure: Not over exposing at the same time not underexposing, for goodness sake its a dinner gown and where else can you look more appealing than in it, so keep the cleavage or above the knee as your pint of focus.

  • Makeup: Sure the dinner is  definitely a night time affair and who cares. Your make up  should be  light but interesting.

  • Accessories: Whats more appealing than a lady with a clutch.  That's the basic accessories for a night gown.

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  •  Color: Sweet heart, don't stick to the blue, dark. set up. Having few other off colors will not be a bad idea.

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