The Perfect Gymn Bag

The perfect gym back
 What a gym bag must contain.
By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers)
The  sole aim of looking classy is also determined by the state of our physical health, so the gym plays an important role on how  we live up to this expectations.
Packing up for the gym should not be a thing of worry  but rather its sole aim is flexibility. Not packing too  heavy and not under packing.

 Below are basic items that should be present in every gym bag.

1. Body spray: Sure you must look fresh before and after you heat the gym, you are going to break sweat , what do you expect? Smell like a new born baby. Oh don't be kidding be fresh conscious.

2.  Dry Shampoo: You have somewhere to go right after the gym, the best companion for every action girl on the go.
3.  Hair Brush: The fact that you will be hitting the gym should not make you look straight out of the boxing rig. Keep your hair well organised always.
4. Sun screen: Blushed screen is a common tendency after excersising so  having a sunscreen handy is really not a bad idea.
5. Anti Fungal cream: Using gym showers and  other shared gym equipment will expose you to a lot of troubles so, have an anti fungal cream on stand by.

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