Tips to looking Youthful

Tips on looking beautiful
 Ever young, Myth or reality
By Clement Obere( Fashion lovers).
The quest to be  young forever has been for quite a long time, right from the golden ages mankind has always looked for creative ways to look youthful. Not so the case as the human body has proved to be a self destructible entity that will wear off on its own irrespective of ones devotion to keeping those youthful looks.
They have been reports of people adhering to strict beauty routines, good nutrition and i also think it is time also to preach the gospel of relaxation.
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  So what really guarantees those youthful looks.
Like every investment over time the youthful look project is something that must be nurtured over a period of time. so let us take a look at the areas of the body that attention should be given to.
  •  The face: The question here is  What causes early wrinkles? is it some form of genetic disorder, why is it some develop it earlier than some? Well it has also puzzled us here at Fashion lovers for a while and we tend to also solve this age long question.

Is your face washing product too harsh? if so make sure tour products contain essential fatty acid and  taake a lot of green tea to fight damage from free radicals.

  • The feet:  Beside placing plenty emphasis on the type of heels to us what more is more resourceful than having a baby feet in a nice heel. Scrub your heels often with a pumice stone, apply sunscreen make sure you mosturize.

  •  The finger nails and toe nails: As aging comes, that knack for pedicure begins to die off. But keep the fire burning forever.  create time for thorough  pedicure.

  •  Nutrition and supplements: There are tons of nutritional  OTC .But before much emphasis is placed on supplements, check your diet. Consume more green vegetables, Rest often, Blood pressure must always be in check and what more , best of luck as you enjoy tour milestone.

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