African-Ankara 4 sale

African Ankara

African Ankara

By Clement Obere (Fashion Lovers).

African prints commonly known as  Ankara has come a long way . The modernization has  impacted the prints in so many positive ways and has been an appeal to millienials  across all races. 
Its appeal, its elegance makes it stand out makes the prints even stands out the more.
So today, here at  Fashion lovers we dive in deeply on  the " WHY"  African prints despite the options available and with these will assist you in your choices.

  • Mordernization:  This concept has made the prints even more appealing, from  designers exploring  it, in the form of trench coats and various form that makes it more appealing.

  • The office girl: Gone are the days when African prints were  just relegated to  occasions like birthdays, burials etc, the latest blending of african prints into the coperate dress sense gives it an edgy look.

  • The group appeal: Turning out with your pack has never been more desirable like it has been under the African  prints. It brings the air of  identity and harmony.

  • Versatality : From Gowns, to skirts ,to shirts wow so far no print has given  more options like the African print, you are never out of options.

  • Edgy: Designers and stylist come up everyday with styles to match your personality

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