Between wigs and hand fixed hair.

Between wigs and fixed hair.


By Clement Obere(Fashion Lovers)

Its been like ages  with the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic that really kept me away for a while, i to some point was even scared of my keyboard ,but we are sure and confident that the Virus will be crushed and defeated completely. 
I must appreciate my loyal readers , you are just one in a million, as i seek better ways to improve contents and ensure only the best and correct information with detailed research  is published on this blog. You are all so special.
Back to business  , few days ago, i was trapped into a very  funny argument as to the never ending debate, which is better between the wigs and the hand fixed braids and i just felt  my readers need to  be guided to as when  the choice is appropriate . 

These so far are the major  factors i have highlighted to throw more light on the matter.

1. Fitting: Owing to the fact that most wigs are made on mannequins so, the point of consideration here is not tailored to meet your head shape, so it is a thumbs down for the wigs.

2. Time- Factor: Wow, it is a Saturday and  your girl  gives you a call that it is her day and you are  invited to her wedding, What  will you do? Take a long trip to your hair  dresser or  grab your wig is just a stretch away.Baby girl just use that time for something better
3. Failure: We have all seen it , in  movies, short comedy  clips ,the wig falling off the head at most important moments . No girl likes this embarrassment,  So, why noy spend the right time and do the right thing. That is another thumbs down for the wig.

4. Stress free: The pressure on the front hairline is reduces , all the pains involved in hand making your hair is totally eradicated , that is a thumbs up for the wig.

5. Ease of Maintenance: Well, since it can be removed  properly combed and oiled make the wig stand out in such an area so you are always looking sharp as a blade always.

6. Versatility:  Why stick  to one hairstyle when you can have a variety wigs, which gives you the ability to attend one interview  7 times a week. so  girl , the wig stands out when it comes to variety.

7. Natural  hair maintenance: With the ease of wigs, sometimes the natural hair is mostly neglected ,so take more time wash, shampoo your natural hair, Be it a wig or hand made.

Our take here at fashion lovers is that nothing comes easy and what is worth doing is worth doing well.take your time have your hair hand made and properly done  Let us live the wig to more pressing emergencies.

For trendy wigs,  Contact Fashion Lovers on +234-8108982289. Bulk supply and Retail.,

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