The white dress shirt for women.

White dress shirts
White dress shirts and how to make it trendy
By Clement Obere (Fashion lovers).

The taste of a modern and working class woman has never been  varied like  what we have today with a whole lot of options. There are some trends that have been around since the Victorian times and will still survive the Apocalypse.
Today on our review is the office white dress shirt and some little unscripted rules on how to rock it.

1. The choice: Basically the commonly available white shirts for  ladies comes mostly in patterned and mostly floral embroiled, so far  the choice of shirt should mostly match the  level of professionalism associated with your work environment. Our verdict here is plain fitted, clean  shirts for a for formal work day and let us leave the rest for lets say some other days.
2. Attention to details:
If mandatory at your working environment, you must calculate the frequency at which you will have your white shirt on, and make adequate arrangements. The goal of these factor is to check before hand the  condition of the white shirts, how really white they are , are they pressed and  presentable?

3.Frequency of use: If the white shirts are stretched over a period of time due to constant use , you must replace them at least every  six month.

4 Cost: Whats doing, is worth doing well, so having two premium designed white shirts in your closet with other popular brand , is not entirely a bad idea.
Wether formally  or not the idea here is that your white shirts must and always be stain free, well ironed and presentable for any purpose. 
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    1. Thank you Best, lots of rich contents will come your way soon.



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