The art of just getting prepared for any outing .

The art of just getting prepared

The Art Of Just Getting Prepared
For Any Outing .
By Clement obere
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Well, i thought of a perfect title for this post and just felt it should be called the art of presentation but it came to my realisation that what is the point of being prepared without going out?

The clothes  hiding in your closet, the ones that have not been worn for sometime, those that need to be shaped, and you just seem to be caught in this web of never having anything to wear.

You seem to be lacking behind  in almost everything, poorly dressed despite  the quantity of clothes you posses. By  taking this few tips and if implemented well will always give you that celebrity look you have been wanting to get.

 1. The art of order: Not knowing where your favorite jeans is, not knowing where the favourite top is,so you are just stalked in this routine of just that " Favourite outfit". That is the first step to begin with.

An average person knows almost all his contacts on her Whatsapp, same should be applied with your  clothes. Have an inventory system, knowing what is what concerning your outfit, what needs replacement, what should be mended, the number of jeans, heels, sneakers, top, dress shoes, etc. With this your journey to nailing the perfect look just began.

2.Laundry: Nothing sells an outfit cheap that is unkempt no matter how expensive it is, so have a system of doing it yourself or dropping and picking it off at the dry cleaners place.

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3. Shopping allocation: If you have done the first step properly the art of order, then you should have noticed you are buying one thing 


weigh too much at the expense of other items so the genius here is if you are having fifty pair of jeans, now if we may ask, how many tops do you have, Ts gowns , so have a distributed shopping plan and buy things evenly.

4.Purposeful and complementing dress sense: If you are a traveler, you should have noticed that you just cant pack everything you want , If its a Vacation,


 A reliable short that can match with various top makes the genius, so for official trips a  high end blazers will just complement everything and give you that look of accomplishment  every time.

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