How to appear at work.

How to appear at work

Weekly  Fashion guide.
By Clement obere

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Having a weekly schedule  on how  best  to allocate your clothes remains the best form  of preparation.  In modern times we have all fallen into the trap of uniforms, where most jobs have a fixed yet variable outfits creating little chances for varieties and rather creating routines.
The downside to this has really impacted negatively as we see more and more people having poor fashion sense. We will live the concept of how to be stylish even in a uniformed environment for another day and rather focus today on how to efficiently allocate your wardrobe to meet your style needs, Mon to Friday or perhaps Saturday as the case might be.

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1. Inventory system:  This here is  a familiar concept here at fashion lovers. Before embarking on this method it is strongly advised you have a  list of all your clothes which includes, bags, shoes, jeans , jackets, gowns wrist watches and jackets. This helps to guide you on what you are spending more on , and help you to efficiently allocate  your shopping efficiently.

2. Monday: In most part of the world, Monday is the start of every working week and demands a lot of professionalism from workers. Falling short of this standard will be frowned upon heavily by employers. Your choice of outfits should fulfil this demand and  you should be at your best. So what is our recommendation here. Clothes that portray professionalism, like a fitted jeans paired with  a blazers  and heels or good dress shoes to match.

3.Tuesdays : After a good shot on Monday, the need for professionalism starts to ease down a bit, we highly recommend   good  tops  perhaps white , a floral skirt or in fact any skirt of your choice with perhaps some more comfortable   in terms of shoes to ease of the stain on your heels from Monday outfit.

4,Wednesday: Mid week is here again, and we don't want you appearing boring like someone fixed to a  routine , T'SHIRTS , which could be paired with a denim skirt will in fact not be a bad idea, and something sporty like a white sneakers. The aim of this dress schedule is to break tour regular routine.

5.Thursday : The weekends are gradually creeping in, Trousers have been , tried, Denim, materials and perhaps you are out of idea, so what's missing , if its during the cold season a turtle neck matched with a jacket with , jeans or skirt as the case demands will not be entirely a bad idea.

6. Fridays: Yes we have all been waiting for you, Complementing your Friday with a denim jacket will be all you need to spice up your day.

Foot note: The  goal here is not having lots of clothes but having presentable outfits that fits your personality, because what might work for a tall person might not work for someone with average height. Find what works for you and improve on it, Give out worn out clothes or over used items. Appear in the best light as possible. Improve on your wardrobe as often as possible, remember appearance opens up a lot of doors.

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