Summer time fashion guide.

Summer fashion guide

The summer fashion guide.
By Clement obere

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Summer as we all know is the hottest of the four temperate seasons falling after spring and before autumn.
It is characterized by profuse sweating and hence our choice of clothes should and must place emphasis on the weather .
With such facts at hand, It will be wise and note worthy to place emphasis on the choice of clothes, materials, and overall comfort so as to guide your decision making. 
Today at Fashion lovers in as much as we want you to be on your best, we also  want you to appear appropriate for the season.
Let us put you on a guide tour as we  give the following tips.

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1. Color choice:  Absorbent colors should be kept to the barest minimum. Colors like black, red should be used minimally. Top colors of choice should include blue, white and infact any creative color that disperses light.


2. Length of clothes' : Long sleeves also should be used sparingly and in most cases when the need arises. In most cases and for less formal gathering clothes with a general above the knee cut are infract not a bad idea. 

Well, depending on your disposition and your budget , as a general rule of thumb, it is advisable you update your closet according to times and season.

3.Nature of materials; Light materials, and materials with considerable amount cotton should be your top choice. Cotton as a choice for comfort helps to deal with increased  temperature

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