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colour library for clothes

 The  Colour  Library for just any  situation.

By Clement Obere ( Fashion Lovers)

The brighter days are always ahead, i mean the colourful days that will bring meaning  to the dark times we have found ourselves due to the corona  epidemic are just  by the corner.

I passionately thought about this post for quite a long time and really found that it is as important as  getting the right clothes.

Sometimes we just do everything  just right, the jeans are  edgy , the tops are high quality, the shoes are just perfect, but you are just lacking that ingredient that  makes you the center of attraction.

At Fashion lovers, we figured out  just having the nice clothes satisfy just one part of the equation because they are little details that should not be neglected  so today we are just unlocking some few color combos.

  • The blue and yellow:  Be it the yellow top on a blue jean, a yellow jacket on  a blue jean or a blue top on a yellow skirt is just another  colour combo that is sure to keep all eyes on you for an extended time,

  • Evergreen:  Well green  on its own might not make a statement but its more of a complimentary colour like  a green  gown while in the company of a dark suited man, just fit just perfect for a date night.

  • Osblood: It might not be your favourite colour of choice but it does not  prevent the osblood  from doing its job in ways you never  expect. its stound out appeal just gives it an edge over  the other colours. Suitable for  dresses and it is best used solo rather than merging it with other conflicting colours, like i said earlier, it is a complete color.

  • Blue , green , black: Oh this combo has a lot of applications from its appeal and availability . its one of your go to for every situation. The blue jean, green jacket  and a black top  will fit just perfectly. 

The idea of this post is not to dive into all  the colors in the world but to spark your creativity in that aspect and explore other ways to give  you  to present yourselves better.


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