Skin Toning

Skin toning

Skin toning.
By Clement obere
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Skin Toning and how it affects your skin  type.

Generally speaking, skin colors are classified into various types ranging from the darkest brown to the lightest hues.

Based on your environment and exposure to sunlight will determine what skin toning routine you should follow.

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When is skin toning required.

Before you decide to stick to a skin toner you must find out the problem in wish you desire to solve.

If you fall into the categories I will outline shortly, then you should stick to  a skin toner as soon as possible.

Ø Oily skin

Ø Acne prone skin.

Ø Extra cleansing after wearing heavy makeup.

Ø  After wearing sunscreen.

Skin toning cream for you.

A skin toner must contain glycerin and some little amount of alcohol.  These ingredients are very essential in making a toner   fulfill its role of making the skin firm and giving you the desired results you have longed for.

How often should toners be used?

For dry and irritable skin, it is advisable to use the skin toner once a day.  As a general rule, use the skin toner depending on how much your skin can tolerate.

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