Work life balance

Work life balance.

Work life balance.

By Clement obere
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The making of the modern woman has been in trend and perhaps has been the new normal.

Work life balance simply means bridging the gap between WORK and still having a normal life that in turn will show in your overall health, spiritual and wealth being.

So far with the stress at work, running a family of two to three has sometimes being a challenge for the modern woman.

Well the days of our parents staying at home are gradually fading as each woman wants to be a viable player in the work force.

In summary, the goal of the work life balance is delivering at work but still functionally carrying your full responsibility as a woman. The following will guide you on your path to the realization and actualization of the following potentials.

1.The art of scheduling:  One of the first step here is  owning your time mentality even if you work in a 6-6 establishment , this will keep things when they need to be done how they need to be done thereby doing more for less. Take for instance your day begins by 8 am daily, therefore you must wake up 2to 3hrs before then to do the things that matters, spirituality, hygiene, keeping your  home tidy and infact just looking after yourself no matter how tasking   your career can become.

2. The art of outsourcing:  Time management like we say is crucial. Is it the laundry? Cooking, gardening. It simply helps by just posting a vacancy on your doorpost and you will be surprise on how most jobs can be done by people for some few bucks. But security first, you can’t be giving a stranger full access to your properties, so like the flowers need trimming. Keep the tools outside and let him do his task get paid and live as soon as possible. The goal here is to get as much time as possible for yourself.

3. The art of planning :  What is my personal life going to look like in the next two weeks ,3 months , in the next 6 months or two years? When once this questions are raised , it will help you shape your priorities in such a way that you work towards the realization of this goal.

4. Family and Friends: Well we live in a day and age where everyone is tied to the next syndrome mindset, the next house, the next car, the next vacation, thereby neglecting family relationships, which are the bases of our happiness. The little things matter, stopping bye to a brother to see how he  is holding out , little act of kindness to family and friends, hosting a dinner at your place will go a long way to a full realization of that balance you needed .

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