Carnival Calabar

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 Carnival Calabar

    Calabar is a town in Nigeria, its modern history dates as far back the 1800s from the  coming of the  missionaries , its rich culture and its friendly and welcoming people. In recent times the  narratives have changed as Calabar has worn a modern look that the whole world at large has taken as  a PREFERED DESTINATION.

Calabar can never be complete without the carnival. From its breath taking scenes and performances that have never been seen anywhere.

Over the years, the carnival has evolved, with  various themes that  showcase the rich heritage of the city.

The carnival has evolved from the street parties to recently the introduction of the bikers carnival.

The bikers Carnival is one event that has captivated admirers, so we are just going to give a narrative on what you will be expecting next time to visit this great city.


The bikers carnival whose maiden edition was in 2015 has evolved into one of the most viewed event attracting close to  3 million viewers.

It is a daytime event due to safety adherence with crowd controllers making frantic efforts to keep the crowd away from the tracks. The crowd as usual is eager to catch a glimpse of all the stunts being performed with some even jumping the barricades right into the track. Funny though but true.

Health and beauty category

The stunts portrayed are high end and it is advisable never to try this at home.

The top bikers club include.

  • Ø Aviators.
  • Ø Metallic  Knights.
  • Ø Hard Riders.
  • Ø Hot wheels.
  • Ø Red scorpion bikers club.

  • Aviators

From its inception, the Aviators biker club has thrilled spectators in ways similar to a Hollywood block buster. The black colour which serves as its team colour creates this atmosphere of authority  and confidence making other clubs wonder its secrets.

The fruit does not fall far from the tree owing to the current leader in person of Donald Duke who in his usual way  has a taste of quality so without doubt his club will keep up to its quality and strength.

The strength is also in its numbers as it has a membership of approximately 200 members on ground at every appearance.

The concept of this club stands unrivalled .Its intro theme is mostly accompanied by the lead biker brandishing the flag bearing the logo of the club.

The choice of riders also seems unmatched with chiseled hard bikers and ladies that makes the club a darling to spectators.

The noticeable bikes are the BATMOBILE, SUZUKI, KAWASAKI, and DUCATI, all with black painted tanks.

It stands out in coordination with its antlike formation in which every team member operates in patterns that are practically scripted.

From all indications this bikers club is never short of expectations as it remains in the business of thrilling fans year in year out.

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