Calf dress.

Fashion sense vs fashion trend

Calf dress.
By Clement obere

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The Calf dress has remained the old time favorite of the modern woman .There is this feeling of simplicity associated with the calf dress that you will be taken as a Minister.
Well today we are reviewing the calf dress as to why it stands out and every reason you must add it in your wardrobe.

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1. Versatility: Everyone wants a fashion piece that blends into every facet of life. Something that fits into our work environment, religious functions, a date. Wow! Nothing fits this description better than a calf dress. So, it is worth every investment.

2. Acessorisation:  Not everyone wants it 

heavy all the time but as at  writing this post a nice pair of shoes or heels is together with a clutch bag is all you need to set the ball rolling.

3. Fitting: The calf dress  blends into all body shapes. Few fashion piece will meet this condition but it not only fits but enhances you also.

4. Ease of Laundry: This ranks well on our indecies. Wash, iron with low temperatures. You are good to go.

5. Tailored calf or designers: it's quite  difficult to  give a verdict from my point of view but there are a lot of designers that offer lots of value. But  on the other hand I am coming to fitting and a well tailored dress, although most designers do a pretty job but if possible invest in good materials and have a good seamstress give you the edgy dress.  Designers target a certain demographic of people, but having a dress that positions the contours on your body and those little details can only be achieved  if it is custom made, leaving this wow look. It's your brand and you must do a good job of  making your clothes fit you.

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