Fashion sense vs fashion trend.

Fashion sense vs Fashion trend

Dress sense vs Fashion trend.

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Playing by the books or just being your own reality has been a serious debate over the time.
The usual phrase is,"upgrade you are old fashioned" and similar talks like that really affect the total fashion orientation of an individual.
So today I will be weighing on both worlds.
Firstly  let's have a better description of what they stand for with simple illustration.
Dress sense has this notion, "I will do it as it suits me" while fashion trend says " I can do it, but similar to other people.
Although they both have their place, knowing when it's appropriate remains the genius.

Fashion Trend creates room for improvement:  Well most people inherited  a dress sense from their teenage years  and somehow that fashion pattern has refused to leave them so the switch changer here is doing more research going through look books etc.

Dress sense brings out orignality: " I saw that shirt and knew it was you". It creates a signature brand that  makes you unique.

Fashion trend enhances balance:  This is one of the key traits to a modern wardrobe. What happened to the calf dress, the turtle neck. leather skirts etc. Dress sense is most tied with monotony. I love jeans so everything must revolve around jeans.  Constantly researching on fashion trend creates this air of unpredictability and makes your style difficult to be copied.

Dress sense makes shopping simpler: The headache of going though endless search  on what's trendy is totally avoidable when one has a dress sense. It's like auto pilot. I know what's good for me every day.

Well from the few points highlited, what works for "A" might not  work for be the genius here is putting all this complexity in a certain way that yeilds excellent results for you.

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