Dress your age.

Fashion sense vs Fashion trend

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Dress your age

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Age is a gift and at various points in our lives, how we show case this gift will either make or mar our personalities.

Good evening readers, the pandemic is gradually easing down and the team of editors and writers are still trying hard to update and keep the blog running. We are sorry that new post has not been coming up as usual, but stay tuned to this blog while we keep you informed as regards your fashion needs.

This blog title is coming from a contextual point of view and it does not in any way represent laid down procedures on how to dress at any given point in anyone’s life.

The code to dressing your age revolves around this key points and  in this light little adherence will not just only add to your personality but step up your fashion games as a whole.

·        What you represent: That is the major reason we dress up. When dressing is seen as a mood of expression, then, what you tend to portray to the world is already evident even without you speaking a word. Like the usual title goes you are addressed the way you are dressed.  This is also a useful tool for brand creators i.e. selling this concept about you from a dressing point of view,

·        At what part of your life should you be adjusting?

1 / 3
Early Teenage Days
2 / 3
Early Teenage Days
3 / 3
Early Teenage Days

  We see this factor as a miss. The rates are as high as 4 in 10 haven’t really adjusted their views of dressing right from their teenage days. This is somehow tied to your reasoning. If someone hasn’t failed to update his state of dressing after his teenage days, who know what other department in their lives that, has not seen an upgrade for a while. Not wanting to be mean but sometimes one line criticism might all we need to move forward?

·        The experimental approach: Within this context, finding the right dress sense for your age might just be this trial and error approach and suddenly, you are giving your overall dress sense a boost every time you hit the streets.

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Over exposing:This context has to do directly with what amount of skin you should be exposing at every point in your life. With this concept draws the basis as regards to the kind of respect you command. Although modifications are allowed within this context because a dress for a date will not be the same as dressing up to meet a potential business partner.

·        Understanding your styles:  The fact that you have this cloth is no reason for you to rock it at uncalled for moment. Pick a style that is unique to you in terms of your body shape, height , color etc and modify accordingly.

·        The role of colour rotations:  This comes from a perspective of giving a multicolored approach in designing your style. In fashion generally the color rotation principle remains an unexplored world as most people just stick with two to three colors all their lives.

·        Acessorization Every little details you use counts, The length of your chains. The bangles, the list is endless. You must know when one has outgrown certain things and forge a new part that defines you and what you represent as a whole.

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