What should be in your wardrobe in 2021


                                  What should be in your             wardrobe in 2021.

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The Corona epidemic is gradually winding down; everyone seems to be getting back to life as usual. The epidemic really thought us a lot of lessons and here at Fashion Lovers, we are here to guide you as usual in what will appear as a guide to enhance your wardrobe.

From all the lessons, the most prominent that stands out is that a fashion conscious person must maintain a balance and seasonal approach in the planning of his / or her wardrobe.

The era of flooding your entire closet with a specific genre of clothes should be avoided. The genius here remains the balance. Have a chart whereby you rotate your inventory when next you reach the boutique. What does that imply? Buying a sweater during hot weathers might keep people wondering. But when the weather becomes cold you tend to reap the fruit of your investment as sometimes the prices might have increased due to sudden demand. Other Variations like this will give you more for less.

This post does not in any way seem to change your mindset as regards to what stays or not  but it aims at enhancing your existing views.

Like they will say in fashion. Stick to what you have the fashion table keeps on revolving and will meet you where you are.

So let the checklist now begin.


Sweaters: The knitted sweaters tends to be the go to for every sweater lover out there. Due to the popularity of the bomber jackets, sweaters are gradually been releglated to the background but an investment in a  hand knitted wool sweater with turtle neck will pay in the long run.

Over size coats: These were rather popular in the 80’s and early 90’s we all saw them in most Arnold Schwarzenegger movies. Its resurgence shows that fashion never dies . it comes back even stronger every passing year.

High boots: In 2021 rocking the high boots still remains one of the most unique thing to do. Its resurgence proofs the law that fashion never fades, It is required that rocking the high boots should not be seen as a go to wear. A lot of planning and research should be taken into consideration so that it enhances your look. From the choice of wears to accessories. Everything matters when rocking these boots to bring out its beauty. An investment in one or two of these will pay in the long run.

Headscarf’s: You will be wondering why headscarf’s in 2021. But like they say history remains the best teacher. The likes of Jacqueline Keneddy, To recent times Rihanna and other popular celebrities have thrown their support behind the head scarfs. We automatically come to a conclusion that there is something behind the headscarf’s. Having a rotation around 6 will not be a bad idea by accessorizing them alongside your normal wears.

Hats: Well, this is not only reserved for religious functions. The genius here is incorporating your hats into your routine in such a way that it works for you remain a genius. Invest in a good collection and watch your games level up.

There are other items that have not met our intentions, but as many as you discover, keep exploring till you get it right.

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