Cushion Compact

Cushion Compact

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Cushion Compact.

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 Cushion compacts have their origin from South Korea but that aside we are not going into history but really having an overview of what Cushion compacts are all about and the art involved, so let us get started.

Selecting the right cushion comes down to two major factors which include; Skin tone and skin type. Well from earlier post I have really given and in depth explanation of what they are.

The struggle involved in finding the right kind of creams is also a reoccurring factor when it comes to finding the right kind of cushion. 


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Light Skin
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Dark Skin
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Skin types

1. BRIGHT SKIN TONE: when I mean bright, I really mean the extra fair and bright will lets say find it easier like I already said, since Cushion compacts are basically  South Korean, there is lets say a market emphasis on satisfying their population first, before considering the rest. Definitely, you will have a lot of options to play with.

2. Medium To Light Skin Tones: you are sure going to have it quite easy having yours.

3. Dark Skin Tones: Since Cushion Compact is relatively new to face make up, the darker skin tones are not left out as there are shades to deal with this skin  tone like  yellow  which helps for discoloration, purple compacts dullness, peach, to brighten dark circles, and green neutralizes redness

Now, let us move to recommendations for skin types.

1  DRY SKIN TYPES: it is advisable to select the one that is BB or CC  cream based cushion rather than a foundation based. For application, use a moisturizer or basically you can apply the moisturizer on the sponge, from there, keep applying thin layers evenly to build coverage so as to dry patches.

2. Combination Skin Types:  You have a wide range of options to choose since you can tolerate compact for dry and also moist skin, for application, start by applying around your jawlines and shades building coverage as you go from there, dap around  with a beauty blender, to avoid build up immediately after this set the area with a powder for a flawless finish.

3. OILY SKIN TYPES: Find a cushion compact that has a mattifying or satin finish, stay away from the ones that have hydrating benefits and look for ones that have a light weight formula. When it comes to application, start by using your favourite matiffying prime, like milk up magnesia that will suck up the oil. After  building coverage, finish up with a mattifying spray with a matifying powder to achieve the desired result

4.  Acne Prone Skin: and matured skin, huge care is required as both skin require attention, the trick here is to keep your skin balanced so it is important to look for compacts with added skin benefits. It is advisable to stay away from formulas with heavy formulas and harsh ingredients. For application, start with the primer to smooth out fine lines and blemishes, from there, you can apply with a damp sponge to avoid fine lines and excess products, be sure, you are applying in thin layers.

Till then keep exploring, till you get it right



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