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What to know about fabrics.

Sometimes our encounter with our sale representatives when it comes to choice of fabrics has posed some kind of challenges as most times you find yourself not being on same page with him or her. The aim of this post is to broaden your understanding in the world of fabric and to make sure you and your sale rep will be on one page hopefully in your next encounter.   So let’s get started.

First of all before we dive in deeply into the subject matter, we have to understand what fabric is and so far, it is based on two major principles which is Fiber content and construction. In simple illustration, take for instance  to bake a cake, For you to arrive at the final product of the cake, you need flour, sugar well chefs reading this can help me out, this represents the Fiber and the steps involved in making the cake, the mixing of flour, eggs and so forth represents the construction.

Next time when confronted with a question on “ what is your favorite fabric avoid overgeneralization like saying ”Silk” because silk itself is not a fabric but a fiber. In other words, your fiber plus construction will equals your fabric, not wanting to sound mathematical but that’s the formula we will be using today.

What is fiber.

Your knowledge on fiber is important as this will guide you on how it drips, how it retains moisture, how comfortable it will be when worn on the body etc. so without much ado let’s go into the major classifications of Fibers.

Basically , we have two major classifications of fiber and they include;

i)                    Natural Fibers: These are mostly fibers from natural sources which include plant based sources like cotton and animal based like animal skin etc.

ii)                  Man-Made:  These are fibers that are manufactured like polyesters ,acrylic etc

Furthermore, we have staple fibers and filament fibers, but without really much going deeper, staple fibers are short like cotton and filament fibers are long and silk really is a classic example of filament fiber.

To summarize this post because, it is just a scratching of the surface as subsequently we will go further in to other advanced concept like blend and its application and guide you more on how to choose .


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