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Endometriosis (series 1)

Good day readers and it's with great pleasure and utmost happiness that I will be making my first post in a long time. 

Reasons for my break are as numerous as the sands by the sea shore, from funding to having my office space from where I can meet my esteemed readers and a host of other issues, but with resilience,  I am back with more informative post because at fashion lovers, we don't take care of your clothing needs we also ensure that you look healthy in those outfits.

What then is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis which is as a result of pain in the vagaina which normally arises during sexual intercourse is  is an epidemic in modern times with as much as 176 million women affected worldwide.

Common symptoms of Endometriosis;

Symptoms ranges from

1. Vaginal pain.

2.Pelvic pain.

3. Swollen abdomen.

4. Problems sitting down for extended periods of time.

5. Vagaina burn.


Is there any medical cure for Endometriosis?

One would wonder, with this staggering amount of women affected, it may have a cure, but to our research and findings, there is no known medical cure for Endometriosis. This is owing to the fact that most physicians don't even diagnose it properly or have any idea on how to begin to treat the symptoms.

  So far, your guess is as good as mine, penetration of any kind becomes almost impossible.

What age range are at high risk?

Endometriosis affects women of all age range, sometimes, as early as 14 years. It will be  wise to observe properly as your teenage daughter might be having problems that you should be listening to.

What are the remedies?

In as much as they are no guaranteed cure, they are various remedies ranging from surgeries,  with a lot of consultations from doctors.

These options requires a lot of money, and not every one will have the funds to follow through.

How can I handle  Endometriosis if I am diagnosed?

The major goal when fully diagnosed is to get rid of any form of stigma ,shame,and lack of awareness and to be open to honest conversations about it and possibly managing it.

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