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The Right Festival Wears

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Your festival gear has always been a part of the fun so choosing and assembling should be fun as usual

After living through a blank festival calendar for a couple of years, you’re probably all up and ready to pick out the perfect EDM music festival clothing – and we are here to help you with it!

So – scroll down to see our best tips for dressing yourself up smartly and enjoying your rave experience

Choose Your Theme & Color Palette

Once you’re well aware of the type of garments you’ll need according to the location, you can boldly move on to determining your overall styling concept for the event. In case you didn’t know, EDM outfits contain a multitude of realities – from steampunk and futuristic to mythical, psychedelic, chic, and even goth.

Follow your inner party-starter, go through the list of headliners and performers, and decide on the theme and color palette you’ll be using. There is no wrong choice; there is just a choice that’s right for you and will match your vibe. Choose it wisely and wear it like a boss!

Have a Plan B & Have a Blast!

Weather forecasts can go wrong, garments can unexpectedly feel not okay mid-way through your favourite track, and longer parties can be generally unpredictable. So, having a plan B shall always be incorporated into your plan A!

You can have various outfits for multiple-day festivals, and you can also bring some spare garments in your backpack just in case. The good thing about printed spandex clothes is that they are super lightweight and require almost no extra space in your bag. Bring a hoodie along even during a summer event, and grab your swimsuit even if you’re not (initially) planning to swim during the beach party.

The next thing to do is put your rave gear on and paint the town red like you haven’t done it properly in years. Because, well, you probably haven’t!

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Festival Outfit
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Festival Outfit
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Festival Outfit

Keep it safe, keep it fun, and keep it real – because festival clothing is just a way to feel authentic while making the best memories.

Layer Up & Don’t Be Afraid to Accessorize

Whether you’re wearing a full-body rave catsuit, a printed rave set, or a mini rave dress, there’s always a way to personalize your look even further.

Once your basic gear is safely stacked in your wardrobe, you can start gathering the little details to round out your outstanding rave attire. There is a pretty long list of accessories that can elevate your clothing idea from good to epic, and it includes:
Printed crew socks and brute footwear
Colorful glasses, wigs, and face jewelry
Multipurpose rave bandanas, neck gaiters, and masks
Sexy fishnets, belts, and body jewelry
Cheeky kritterklips, tiaras, and beanies
Neon makeup, body art, etc.

Or else said – adding layers and supplements will put your signature on the ready-made EDM clothing, making it look more like you.

Mind The Event Location & The Weather

First and foremost – your outfit choice shall be tailored to the festival location and the weather forecast for the chosen dates. Indoor EDM festivals automatically mean a broader selection of garments, as details like strong winds and sun rays, rain, or dust won’t be a part of the picture. On the other hand, outdoor events can be held in the mountains, in the desert, or on the beach – sites where climate plays a vital role, and your outfit shall be well-thought-out.

To avoid ruining your experience, make sure you check the local weather forecast and use at least three different sources to confirm the information. Then, regularly check for updates and react flexibly when you need to.

If you need an extra tip here – buying different garments with the same print will help you change the pieces, but keep the concept no matter what the weather thinks about it!



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