Hair Coloring

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Hair Coloring

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Hair coloring is a technique in which colors made from dies and sprays are used to add contrast, yield more beauty and enhance general attraction.

Hair coloring differs a little bit from coloured attachments and weavons, as it is commonly used mostly by lovers of lower cuts.

Before considering the kind of hair coloring to choose, you must carefully analyze what you really want to achieve on the long run and what you are consistently trying to portray to the world, or in simpler terms, the brand you wish to promote.

For the purpose of this blog post, we will dive into the various kind of colors you can try, and how to enhance your outlook completely, by first;

  • ·         Considering what type of haircut that will make your coloring stand out
  • ·         Proven techniques to enable you maintain the colors.
  • ·         Maintenance routines.
  • ·         A look book you can always refer to from time to time.


Haircut for the right color

As earlier emphasized, to get the blonde narrative, one must fully get the right kind of cut;  coloring on its own, is not an end to itself, rather, an icing to the cake.

Your style of haircut should, and must satisfy the message the coloring tries to portray.

Hair colors to try out.

Naturally, the blonde look always goes with red, although, it is a first choice for any hair coloring enthusiast, so, a deviation from the status quo will require a bit of confidence, daring approach and an exploring mindset. So if you are to switch to something completely different, there should be some motivations.

Furthermore, hair coloring should be seen as an art, as there is really no one solution that satisfies all situations.

For the sake of emphasis, we will be trying out some few colors that will spice up your imaginations and bring out the beauty that you have always dreamt of.

·         Yellow: As the color implies adds a lot of flare, so if you consider yellow as a color, it should satisfy the following factors such as

Skin tone: Judging from the black and white approach, a shouty yellow  should match a dark skin tone






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